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What are the basic jute products ? 

The basic jute products manufactured in jute mills are :
Hessian Cloths, sacking Cloths, Jute Yarn, Carpet Backing Cloths (CBC), Bags, Twines, D.W. Tarpaulin/ P.W. canvas, Shopping bags, Geotextiles and Gaps, Jute Mats and floor coverings, Tobacco sheets, carpets etc..

What is Kenaf ?

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Kenaf is a fast growing plant of the bast fibre group-species Hibiscus cannabinus.  It is usually known as Mesta.  Kenaf requires a warm, moist climate and grows in well-drained, sandy loam soils.  Kenaf is less demanding on the soil than jute and may be grown in rotation with other crops.  The fibre strands, about 3 feet long are pale in colour and lustrous leading producers include India, Bangladesh, Thailand and China.  It is mainly used for cordage, canvas, sacking and other products such as news print and carpet-backing yarn.

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What is Jute Geotextiles ? 

Jute Geotextile is a varities of jute available in woven and non-woven fabrics used for natural options to save the environment.  Jute being an eco-friendly have the distinguishing features such as:  High moisture absorption capacity, flexibility and drainage properties.  Geo jute used in erosion control, separation, filteration and drainage in civil engineering work, and agricultural uses.  It is also have application in rural road pavement construction and agro plant mulching. 

What is jute diversification ? 

Today jute has become versatile in the shape of a wider range of consumer products.  Utilization of jute for manufacture of market worthy products has opened up large opportunity for employment generation.  A wide range of diversified jute products are increasing every day.  These diversified jute products include fancy jute bags, soft luggage, footwear, door panels, check sarees, wide range of furnishing, gift items, table lamps, floor decor, well decor and many more items.  To promote and popularize jute diversification work, National Centre for Jute Diversification is a top agency.  National Centre for Jute Diversification is a registered society under Government of India, Ministry of Textiles.


What are the advantages of jute bags in comparison of poly sacks ?

Jute bags are environment friendly product and a natural alternative with inherent advantages.  Jute bags are completely biodegradable, where the toxic effects of synthetics are serious that several western countries have banned it for use in food products.  Jute is an agricultural product while synthetic bags are manufactured from polyester granules as a by products of naptha, which poses a number if hazards.
Jute bags have also advantages over synthetic bags as :
more stackability, does not easily tear, re-usability, porosity, space utilization, withstand at high temperature and many more.

What are the jute crop patterns adopted by the farmers ?

Generally two patterns are followed in eastern India as :
       Jute - Paddy (Aman) - Potato
       Paddy (Aman, high yielding variety) - Potato - Sesame

What is Burlap ?

The hessian, a finer quality of jute is called Burlap.  Burlap bags are used to ship and store grain, fruits and vegetables, flour, sugar, animal feeds and other agricultural commodities.

When the first jute mill was established in India ?

The first jute mill was established at Rishra (Bengal - now in West Bengal), on the river Hooghly near Calcutta in the year 1855, by Mr. George Aclend.  Mr. George Aclend brought jute spinning machinery from Dundee (U.K).  In 1959, the first power driven weaving factory was set up.

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