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What is Earth Floors ?

Earth Floors are matting, Area rugs and Runners made from jute fibre. They are produced by expert weaver's and craftmen in India with rich colours a and authentic designs. There is a long tradition of making Earth Floors with beautiful and attractive design of Jute rugs in the country.

What happen if the Earth Floors get wet ?

The matting or rugs can be demoisture as soon as it gets wet. They can also be dry cleaned.

Are the Earth Floors fibre safe ?

Usually the Earth Floors, rugs or matting are treated with fire retardency application to develop fire resistance.


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When was the first Jute Mill in India established ?

The first Jute Mill was established at Rishra, on the River Hooghly near Kolkata, in 1855 by Mr. George Acland.  Mr. George Acland brought jute spinning machinery from Dundee (U.K).

What is the UNDP and Government of India National Jute Program ?


Government of India and UNDP made a joint effort to plan and assist technology development in the year 1992. In 1992, National Jute Program was designed with the help of UNDP. UNDP provide an assistance of US $ 20.35 million and Government of India allocated Rs. 500 million to revitalise the jute sector and to diversify the jute fibres to get higher value added products with the help of R & D programs.

What are advantages of using Jute fabrics over Polypropylene / Polythylene ?

Jute is environmentally friendlly and completely biodegradable. While synthetics posses a number of hazards. The toxic effects of synthetics are so serious - both the production and disposed aspects of it - that many 
western countries have banned it for use in food products.


Jute is indegeneously product while synthetic bags are manufactured from polyester granules whose manufactures poses a number of hazards. The naxious gasses, particles and volatile organic compounds emitted creates pollution and slow poisoning the earth during its disposals.


Jute bags have porosity, easily with stand the high temperature and much stronger than poly sacks. Jute bags can be re-used and can be easily repaired.

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