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  May 3, 2007:  ‘Por Sa’ or jute  is a plant that grows in the north and the north east of Thailand. Here Jute can be used to produce many kinds of handmade products such as picture frames, files to keep documents in and multi- purpose boxes, all of which have become great decorations, especially in many 5 star hotels, as well as souvenirs for foreign visitors.  Ong-ard  Kaoian, a local producer of jute products told us more about the styles: “This is a new innovation of hand made products from common jute, made into new styles. We use the jute bark of the tree to produce a new style of art work. I got the idea from shadow plays, batiks, carvings, and paper-mache. We bring these arts onto the bark. This creates a new feeling of art. It may take longer to do, but I am proud of it, when seeing the finished work.” 
    Ong-ard said , “I brought the knowledge of the north to the south as I feel that the southern market has very high potential as Phuket is one of the tourist destinations and people are more focused on tourism but there is still a lack of products that would suit the taste of foreign customers.”  The process of work begins from taking jute and making it like a big piece of paper then pressing it and following a patterned mold.
 Source:  Andaman News TV11 and   Radio Thailand


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