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Shree Hanuman Jute Mills, one of the oldest Jute Mills in India was established in the year 1927 at Ghusure, 5 Kms from Kolkata on the bank of river Hooghly.The registered office of the mill is at 70, Nalani Seth Road, Kolkata - 700007.

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Besides ordinary Hessian and sacking looms, this mill is well equipped with a good number of carpet looms to produce both Dobby and Jacquard varieties of carpet.  This mill has a full fledged quality control department equipped with modern equipments to maintain the quality products of Jute as per the standard requirement.  The jute goods manufactured by the mill are extensively used in different parts of the country and also exported to different countries.

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The mill produces hydrocarbon free jute goods as per the international criteria under the rigid control of IJIRA.  The mill received a license from IJIRA, who carry out regular inspection in the mill to maintain the desired parameters up to the desired level.

Jute Policy

The production capacity of the mill is 85 MT per day.  It deploys around 3200 personal.

The jute products manufactured by the company :

Hessian :
The plain weave cloth made from 100 percent jute with single wrap and waft interwoven in different specification as per market requirement.

Sacking :
The plain or turill weave cloth made from 100 percent jute, interwoven and manufactured in different specification as per market requirement.



Heavy Fabric, canvas / Tarpaulin quality :
The plain weave cloth made from 100 percent jute, manufactured in a wide range 
of construction and weights.


Hydrocarbon free jute cloths and bags :
The hydrocarbon free jute cloths and bags are manufactured under the license and rigid control by IJIRA.


Carpets :
The mill manufactures carpets in Dobby and Jacquard weaves in vibrant colours, mainly used for floor covering.

Mail Address :



Shree Hanuman Jute Mills
Ghusuri (Howrah),  West Bengal - India
Head office:
Tepcon International (India) Ltd.
4 B.B.D Bag, Stephen House, 2nd Floor.
 Kolkata (West Bengal) India
Phone : 2220-1397/2220-1398 /2210-0087 /2210-0088
E-mail: worldjute@yahoo.com

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