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Natural  Jute Twine                                       

Jute twine is a 100% biodegradable and pollution free natural jute packaging material. It is a twisted natural fiber used in packaging, craft, gardening, critical house hold applications. Because of its softness and good tying qualities jute twine is a great packaging  material  for all items.
We manufacture jute twine as per your specification and need. Our Jute twine manufacturing factory is equipped with most modern equipment  using advanced technology.

 Jute twine bundle


We manufacture jute twine with following specification:

              colour :               Natural colour

                    Ply:               3Ply to 5 Ply

                count:               28lb, 14lb,  9.5lb

 common length :             90 inch, 72 inch   

 Other qualities recently added  as per your specification are
  2 ply coir yarn, coir rope, coir yarn in dhol packing, coir fibre, jute rope,  jute twine ball directly from manufacturers as per your specifications in bulk quantity. 
  Kaliyaganj Agro Trading Pvt..

jute twine big bundle
Please contact us for your enquiry  and  requirement.

Kaliyaganj Agro Trading Pvt. Ltd.
Regd. Office :
18/1 Maharshi Debendra Road
 5th Floor R.N.75
Kolkata - 700001, West Bengal, India
Tel : 98310 10725
E-Mail :  kal_agro@yahoo.com   
E-Mail :  worldjute@yahoo.com
Website: www.worldjute.com


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