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 Jute A Fashion Fabric   

  Jute a versatile, eco-friendly, recyclable and economical fibre. Jute is also often blended with otehr fabrics like cotton (called JUCO) that are ideal for clothing, accessories and home furnishing.  To reduce the inborn roughness of the basic fibre, the National Institute of Research on Jute and Allied Fibre Technology (NIRJAFT), Kolkata has introduced a unique technology to make jute more softer, and more malleable.  Jute has now moved up in social circles and creating an interest among the Indian and International designers.  
   Recently, the Ministry of Textiles sponsored an exhibition to highlight the jute products and jute garments.  A fashion show highlighted jute as a fashion connoisseurs exporters and traders.  The fashion show displayed a wide range of garments for men and women designed for domestic as well as international markets.  The fabrics unique texture and fall were appreciated and attracted many individuals, buyers and boutique.  Prabha Mohanty a famous designer has pioneered the use of jute into high fashion garments.  She says that Jute's natural golden colour is its main asset.  Besides it has high tensile strength, and can be used to replace other material like polyfibers.


   Like Prabha Mohanty other designers are picking up the fibre and using it superficially.  The designer range for men is suited to meet the most exciting and sophisticated standards of the consumer.  Jute is presented in the most natural look for the men.  Soft pleats and high waists are in for Trousers made of blended jute in muted colours. 
  In order to make sophisticated products like fashion garments, jute needs to be blended with fibres like wool, nylon, rayon, acrylic or polypropylene.  These blends enrich the fibre in feel, appearance, durability, resilience and washability.  As far the cost factor, jute being one of the cheapest fibres available in India.
  High profile designers like Ashis Soni and Mumbai's Pawan Aswani have featured jute ensembles on fashion show as at the Lakme India Fashion week 2000 and International Fairs in Dusseldorf, Germony. 
  The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) has also participated in many fashion show in association with the Institute of Jute Technology and 'India's premiere only natural fabrics store', Mumbai, patronesses jute creation to a large extent.


  A model shows a creation part of the Etro Spring-Summer 2011 fashion collection, during the fashion week in Milan, Italy, Friday, Sept. 24, 2010. Fabrics tend to be natural ranging from linen to gauze and jute. Chiffon is used for the more sophisticated styles.

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