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Inflation falls to 5-year low of Zero percent  in November

Mumbai , December 15, 2014 : In November, the Wholesale Price Index (WPI) based inflation fell to zero per cent, compared with 1.77 per cent the previous month, primarily on account of a sharp fall in global commodity prices. 

Deceleration in inflation was witnessed across broad segments--primary products, including food, fuel item and manufactured items. In fact, prirmary products (non-processed items) and fuels saw even decline in prices in November year-on-year, official data showed today. It was only in July 2009 that there was disinflation. After that this was the lowest figure of inflation in over five years.

The widely-tracked food inflation also declined almost to zero to stand at 0.63 per cent in the month from 2.7 per cent in October, official data showed today. There was a deceleration in inflation observed in across all major food articles namely cereals, rice, wheat, vegetables etc. For vegetables, including onions in particular the base effect has been very sharp.
This prompted industry to call for a rate cut by the Reserve Bank of India to spur sagging economic growth, but economists are divided over the issue. However, a few items such as fruits, milk and potatoes still had elevated inflation in November, even as the rate of price rise declined from the previous month.

Inflation falls to 5-year low of 1.77 pct in October

New Delhi , November 15, 2014 (PTI) : Continuing decline in food prices, including vegetables, pulled wholesale price inflation to a five year low of 1.77 per cent in October. The Wholesale Price Index (WPI) based inflation was at 2.38 per cent in September and 7.24 per cent in October 2013.

As per data released by the government November 14, the food inflation fell to a nearly two-and-half year low of 2.7 per cent. Food inflation is on decline since May.
The sharp drop in WPI inflation, which fell for the fifth month in a row, came at the back of retail inflation declining to a record low of 5.52 per cent in October.

The rate of price rise in onion contracted 59.77 per cent as compared to a contraction of 58.12 per cent in September. In case of vegetables, the contraction was 19.61 per cent, while in protein rich items of egg, meat and fish it was 2.58 per cent in October.

During the month, inflation in potato stood at 82.11 per cent, against 90.23 per cent in the previous month. Inflation in manufactured products, like sugar, edible oils, beverages and cement, fell to 2.43 per cent in October as against 2.84 per cent in the previous month. The August WPI inflation was revised higher to 3.85 per cent from 3.74 per cent earlier, the data said.Inflation in the fuel and power segment which include LPG, petrol and diesel declined to 0.43 per cent as compared to price rise of 1.33 per cent in September. The Reserve Bank  will come out with the monetary policy review on December 2.

WPI inflation fell to 2. 38 percent in September lowest in five years

NEW DELHI, October 14, 2014  : India's wholesale price inflation fell to  2,38 percent in September lowest  in  five years as compared to 3.74 percent in August. on account of softening vegetable and fruits price.

The index for food articles group declined by 1.4 per cent as tea, fruits and vegetables, polutry chicken, fish, jowar, pork and moong became cheaper.

Similarly fuel and power index also declined by 0.3 per cent due to lower price  of petrol, aviation turbine fuel and furnace oil.

The development comes a day after the retail inflation declined to 6.46 per cent in September compared to 7.8 per cent in August, on back of sharp decline in vegetable price. India Inc said that the drop in inflation would also help dampen inflationary expectations in the future.

WPI inflation eases to near five-year low of 3.74 percent in Augus
 NEW DELHI, September 16, 2014 (Reuters) : India's wholesale price inflation eased to its lowest level of 3.74 percent in nearly five years in August.

The wholesale price index (WPI) rose 3.74 percent year-on-year last month, helped to its slowest pace since October 2009 by a favourable statistical base and falling global crude oil prices, which dropped to a two-year low on Monday. 

Improved rainfall in recent weeks should help to moderate food price pressures, lower global oil prices and the favourable statistical base should help lower inflation, but there were counter-forces to consider.

Wholesale prices for fuel rose an annual 4.54 percent last month, sharply slower than a 7.40 percent year-on-year gain in July.

RBI chief Raghuram Rajan has said falling oil prices could be a "temporary phenomenon", and there are risks that prices could flare up again due to geopolitical tensions in the Middle East or Ukraine.

Food inflation, meanwhile, eased to 5.15 percent in August from 8.43 percent in the previous month. However, the prices were up 2.6 percent from July.

  WPI inflation eases to a 5-month low in July

New Delhi , Aug 15, 2014 : The wholesale price index (WPI)-based inflation dipped to a five-month low of 5.19 per cent in July. The year-on-year headline WPI reading was 5.43 per cent in the previous month. 

The consumer price index (CPI) inflation data for July, released earlier this week, had surged to 7.96 per cent as against 7.46 per cent in June.  The dip in the WPI inflation in July, which was released by the government on Thursday, was despite food inflation rising to 8.43 per cent in July from 8.14 % in June. 

The divergent movements of the CPI and WPI readings is largely on account of the higher weightage of food items in CPI-based inflation as against the WPI -- food items constitute over 45 per cent weight in CPI, their weight in WPI is just 14.34 per cent. 

Inflation in vegetables declined 1.27 per cent, and for onion it was (-)8.13 per cent on an annual basis in July, as per the WPI data. However, potato prices surged 46.41 per cent and fruits 31.71 per cent during the month. Rate of inflation in milk was 10.46 per cent. Inflation in the egg, meat and fish category stood at 2.71 per cent in July as against 10.27 per cent in the previous month.

Inflation in the manufactured products was at 3.67 per cent, and non-food articles, which include fibre, oil seeds and minerals, at 3.32 per cent. Inflation in the fuel and power category, meanwhile, was down at 7.40 per cent from the previous month. The WPI inflation data was revised upwards for May to 6.18 per cent, from 6.01 per cent as per provisional estimates.

   May inflation to 5-month high of 6.01%

   New Delhi, June 16, 2014:  Rising prices of food and beverages  like coffee, tea, polutry, fish and vegetables pushed up inflation to 5 month high of 6.01 percent in May.

   The Wholesale Price Index (WPI) based inflation was 5.20 percent in April and 4.58 percent a year ago in May.

   March inflation to 3-month high of 5.7%

   New Delhi, April 16, 2014: Inflation in India rose to 5.7 percent in the month of March, snapping a three-month easing trend that will give the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) less scope to support the economy amid fresh signs of slowdown.

The inflation in the food items, based on the wholesale price index (WPI), shot up by 9.9 percent in March as against 8.12 percent in the previous month.

The overall WPI inflation, which was on decline since December, had dropped to a nine-month low of 4.68 percent in February.

As per the data released by the government today, the January inflation number has been revised upward to 5.17 percent as against earlier estimate of 5.05 percent.

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