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 Jute shines in technical textile industry’s radar






 Jute shines in technical textile industry’s radar
  As a diversified and value-added jute product, technical textile has immense future in the jute sector and could drive its growth. It is not an entirely new concept and finds application and  uses in some industrial sector.
  For instance, it is being used in areas of non-woven-based door paneling, woven and non- woven fabrics required for automobile industry, jute-based composites, jute soil savers, woven, non-woven and woven scrim geotextiles, scrim cloth and net fabric for agro textiles, hydrocarbon- free food grade jute bag for environmental textiles, low cost jute bags under environmental textiles, designed matt fabrics for home textiles, blended fabric in dyed and printed form, corded yarns and jute-based composite board and doors.
  As for new sectors, they are identified as clothtexh, geotech, agrotech. oekotech, packtech, sporttech, mobiltech, buildtech, hometech, indutech, meditech and personal/property tech. In fact, the world market of jute as a technical textile is immense and is expected to increase in future. In the driver seat for the future growth of this industry are expected to be the two major jute and jute gods producing Asian countries--India and Bangladesh, which are going to take this industry from strength to strength. The name of another Asian country--China, which is growing very fast in various modern technologies and has a background of jute may also be mentioned.
 The present trend in the various user sectors of the textile industry in many industrialized countries indicates that the use of conventional textiles has touched a static level and its manufacture has become highly competitive, expensive and often unviable and many companies are switching over to value-added technical textiles with capability to meet functional needs for precision applications. 
  As the use of technical textiles is prompted by requirements, its pricing normally fetch good premium. There is a steady growth of both consumption and production of technical textiles throughout the world.
  A view that is gaining ground is technical textile industry in the developed countries is maturing in some significant ways and growth of technical textiles happens to be a visible phenomenon.
  Jute as a textile has become an integral part of human life. Previously, it was used mainly for packaging purposes, but now it is gaining popularity as a diversified product and, therefore, the industry has a very bright future ahead. Technological innovations have also made it possible for the jute industry to offer technical solutions to the multiple end-users in the different industrial sectors.  
 Source:The Economic Times 



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