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NID adds dash of glamour to jute


 Jute is more fashionable, wearable and in vogue.







   AHMEDABAD, September 17, 2009: Jute is in for a metamorphosis, thanks to textile designers at the National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad. Dyed in bright energetic hues, the age-old jute thread has been completely transformed, giving it a softer feel, which also looks pleasant to the eyes. Spearheading the project to give jute a trendy twist is Madhumita Sutar, a student textile designing of the institute. Upbeat about her convocation coming up in November, Sutar is right now working as a freelance designer with Out Reach Programme department of NID. Among the product designs suggested by Sutar include home furnishings, a wide range of men and women wear, tent and sleeping bags made out of jute. 
   The project was taken up by senior faculty member Paresh Chatterjee who experimented with jute to turn it into something which is more fashionable, wearable and in vogue. "The project was given to us by Bally Fabrics in Kolkata which has a dedicated retail store where 
products made out of only jute are sold. The project is looking at developing new styles and ways of treating and using jute," said Chatterjee.  Explaining the process, Sutar said, "Here we have used the conventional jute thread and mixed it with wool and cotton to develop yarns which are softer, wearable and stronger. These yarns were developed in Kolkata and are being weaved into cloth at Panipat." 
  Sutar said, "When I started out this project, I first did a study of the kind of jute products that are available in the market like bags, mats, winter wear jackets and rugs. The yarn that we developed is much softer. I am exploring the use of this yarn mostly for daily wear things. Also there is a whole range of home furnishings that have been developed using the weave patterns of the newly developed cloth. I have also designed playing tents, umbrellas, soft handing shelves, soft toy storage, interactive mats and multi-purpose cushions from the transformed jute." 
Source: The Times of India   

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