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  Twin-screw extruder for jute fiber filled polymer 
  Bangalore, India May 07, 2009: Driven by the quest for innovation and  excellence, STEER has designed the Generation N ext OMEGA H Class extruder that exhibits enhanced efficiency in High Torque Applications with further reduction in residence time, thus increasing productivity by over 25% compared to conventional extruders. 
  The OMEGA H Class twin-screw extruder is the first of its kind for difficult-to-process material with polymer.STEER has been specializing in compounding systems for preparing engineering plastics, color, mineral and additive master batches, wood and natural fiber composite materials, cable compounds and processing solutions for difficult and sensitive polymers / applications that demand the right combination of volume, time for processing and nature of work benefit. Ingredients with low-bulk density are handled with ease.
   Dr. Babu Padmanabhan, Managing Director, STEER Engineering said, “The OMEGA  H Class extruders deliver the highest torque densities to increase productivity (importantly energy efficiency) as well as the quality of the processed material. Sounds tough, but now, it has been done.”
  “We have always sought to make great improvements by focusing on the “smallest details” that significantly impact the capability of the equipment,” added Dr. Babu Padmanabhan.Omega H class is all about improvements in critical areas of a  co-rotating twin-screw extruder. Increase in volume (25%), increase in torque carrying ability (33%), increase in wear strength (30% with WR5 and over 200% with WR10), improvement in intake capacity (over 200% with SFV/RFV), improvement in shear uniformity (reduction of peak shear by a third), improvement in mixing and melting due to enhanced smearing, stretching and stirring effects and most importantly the reduction in over all residence time (to less than 10 seconds from 30 seconds) as well as the tightening of the residence time distribution to a third of the residence time have  resulted in a significant capability that has made new applications such as jute filled Polypropylene or Long Fiber 
  Reinforced Thermo Plastics (LFRTP) a reality.  “Omega H Class is a versatile extruder platform powered by proprietary EPZ ( Extruder Processing Zone which is the heart of an extruder ) that provides supreme control over residence time distribution and energy input to manage complex applications,” said Dr. Babu Padmanabhan.With its in-depth knowledge about material science, metallurgy, kinematics and geometry, STEER offers customized application-based extruder solutions.
Source: Equity Bulls

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