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Myanmar Jute Industries  



       Mynamar (Burma)
 Mynamar (Burma)

    Cyclone hit children for food 

Worship of Lord Buddha

Worship of Lord Buddha 


 Myanmar Jute Fields
 Myanmar Jute Fields

Myanmar Jute Industries
Cyclone killed 100,000 people in Myanmar  
 Victims of Burma cyclone
 Cyclone  victims in Burma

 Myanmar Jute Industries
Myanmar Jute Industries (MJI) has become an entity under Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (MOAI) since 1994, agro-based Industries under the Ministry of Industries (1) were handed over to MOAI for better co-ordination between crop output and factory production.
There are altogether six separate jute growing and purchasing zones under MJI viz:  Ma -U Bin zone, Hinthada zone, Tharyarwady zone, Taungoo zone. Yangon Division is directly supervised by MJI Head-office.

The Jute mills & factories in Myanmar under MJI are 
 1.  Okkyin Jute Mill
 2.  Myaung Mya Jute Mill
 3.  Dawbon Carpet Products Factory
 4.  Wakema Jute Grading & Baling Factory
 5.  Ma-U Bin Jute Grading & Baling Factory
 6.  Da-Nu-Byu Jute Grading & Baling Factory
 7.  Kyone Pyaw Jute Grading & Baling Factory
 8.  Tharyarwady Jute Grading & Baling Factory
 9.  Pyay Jute Grading & Baling Factory
 10.Taungoo Jute Grading & Baling Factory
 11. Okkyin Jute Grading & Baling Factory
 12. Ma-U-Bin Paper Mail

The factories under MJI produce the following commodities:
(a) Jute
Long Jute, White / Tossa,  Grade A, B, C, D, E, E2 , Cutting, White/ Tossa, Cutting I, Cutting II.
(b) Jute Products
Jute Bags, Hessian, Carpet backing Cloth, Jute Carpets, Cotton Carpets, Polypropylene Carpets, Wool Carpets, Stuffer Yarns, Jute Twines, Jute Yarns, Sacking Cloth, Jute Handicrafts, Various Writing -Papers, File Covers, Exercise Books, Tissue Paper
The major items of export from MJI are as follows:
Raw Jute, Jute Bags, Hessian, Carpet Backing Cloth, Carpets, Stuffer Yarns.
Yearly total Jute grown area, jute production and export quantity are as shown below:
Total Jute Jute
grown area (Hectare)
Jute production
(M. Tons)
Export Quantity
(M. Tons)
 Area and yield of jute and allied fibre production in Myanmar in comparison to other major jute producing countries. 
 Country  Area (2002/2003)
  (’000 ha)
(1998/99-2002/03) (mt/ha)
 Bangladesh  500  1.79
 China  56  2.53
 India  1000  1.86
 Myanmar  58  0.85
 Nepal  11  1.13
 Thailand  19  1.54

  Cyclone killed 128,000 people in Myanmar 
 Cyclone Nargis devastated Rangoon and the nearby Irrawaddy river delta on May 2 and 3, 2008 killing perhaps 128,000 people and leaving as many as 2 million others fighting for their lives, the new capital escaped unscathed. 
  In Brussels, the European Union called on the military junta to allow entry to aid workers to help victims avert "an even greater tragedy," and France urged U.N. action if the junta did not cooperate. Spain said that failure to allow aid in could amount to a crime against humanity. The United Nations says more than 1.5 million people are struggling to survive and up to 100,000 are dead or missing after cyclone Nargis hit.

Victims of Burma cyclone
Cyclone  victims in Burma

   The Burma government said that almost 78,000 people have died and nearly 56,000 more are missing. The Red Cross put the possible death toll at 128,000. Parts of Yangon, Myanmar’s main city, were still without power Saturday night, two weeks after the storm, and water supplies were sporadic. Gasoline was still being rationed and prices in the market continued to rise — along with civic anger and frustration.
   International pressure on the ruling military junta in Myanmar continued to grow over the weekend as a senior United Nations envoy was due to arrive in Yangon on Sunday to talk with government officials about what the United Nations has called a slow response to international aid offers after Cyclone Nargis. The French ambassador, Jean-Maurice Ripert, warned on Friday that the government’s refusal to allow aid to be delivered to people “could lead to a true crime against humanity,” according to The Associated Press. The 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations also called an emergency meeting of its foreign ministers for Monday in Singapore. The association has asked to see a disaster report from the junta and wants to discuss the regime’s refusal to accept more aid and its refusal to allow foreign relief experts into the country. 
 May 22, 2008: The Red Cross says Cyclone Nargis may have affected as many as 2.5 million people in Burma, and international groups say the death toll could end up being more than 100,000.  Burma raised its official death toll last week to 38,000, as weather organizations predicted more heavy rain that could make flooding in the 
country's agricultural belt even worse.
  The United Nations says lack of emergency aid could contribute to famine and 
disease that would send the death toll even higher. In New York Wednesday, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told reporters the reclusive Burmese government has shown some flexibility in allowing aid into the country. But he added it is "far too short."

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