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An ITC programme that promotes the use of jute as a low-cost, environmentally friendly method to control soil erosion.


Diversification of Jute Fibres

ITCís strategy is to link the needs of environmental engineers looking for an alternative to synthetic erosion control nets (used in over 90% of soil erosion programmes) to jute producers offering nets made of jute yarn. 


Jute Diversification -NCJD - Jute Service centres

Jute Fancy Bags

These nets are more effective than synthetic ones, and are biodegradable, economical, easy to apply and environmentally friendly. Jute is extracted from plants grown mainly in Bangladesh and India.

  Jute Based Handicrafts & Novelties
Jute Based Consumer Items Jute geotextiles promote growth of vegetation by:
Geo Jute & Jute Geotextiles


  • Retaining up to five times their own weight of moisture;

  • Mitigating extremes of temperature;

  • Protecting seedlings from direct sun rays;

  • Reducing moisture loss;

  • Allowing light and air through their open structure.

Food Grade  Bags

Jute Reinforced Composites
Jute in Fashion

It is mainly for Civil engineers looking for geotextile alternatives to synthetic soil erosion nets. ITC has conducted laboratory and on-site tests to develop effective jute geotextiles, in cooperation with the International Jute Organization. 

In addition to geotextiles, ITCís jute promotion programme encourages a variety of other jute uses by organizing technical workshops, participating in specialized trade fairs, conducting product tests and trials and disseminating informative brochures. In the case of jute geotextiles, these activities are aimed at civil engineers around the world.




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