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Rice Bran oil (RBO) Technology is an eco-friendly and the best technology for the production of the safest packaging material for food products.  Indian Jute Industries Research Association (IJIRA) and Indian Jute Mills Association (IJMA) initiated research to find a suitable alternative oil for foood grade bags.  IJIRA developed a special technology based on Rice Bran oil (RBO II) to manufacture Food Grade Jute Bags.  The main feature of Rice Bran Oil Technology are :

  • Bio-degradable

  • Eco-friendly

  • Nontoxic vegetable oil

  • Stable and resistant to Rancidity

The bags and cloths processed under this technology fully conform the international specification as prescribed in IJO 98/01 and by IOCCC.  The specification for jute packages of food grade material have been accepted by ICCO and recommended by IOCC.

The IJO standard 98/01 has three main criterion for food grade bags :

Analytical criteria :

The ingradients used as bataching oils shall be nontoxic and shall not contain compound that could produce off-flavours or off-tastes in food materials packed in jute bags.

Jute  Processing Chart

Selection,  Softening  &  Piling,  Carding

Drawing &   Doubling, Spinning, winding, Beaming/Dressing

Weaving, Damping & Calendering, Lapping,  Cutting etc.

UNDP and Govt. of India - National Jute Development Program

Productivity Improvement in Jute Industry - Report by I. I. T Kharagpur, 2000

Rice Bran Oil (RBO) Technology - Food Grade Bags

Jute Composites

Advance Jute Testing Equipment

    Chemical Criteria :

Research in Jute Related Fields


The amount of unraponificable compounds shall be les than 1250 mg/kg as recommended by British Standard 3845:1990 subsequent saponification



shall be done according to the methodology described the IUPAC 2, 401 of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry.

Organoleptic Criteria :

No undesirable odours or odours untypical of jute shall be present.  No unacceptable odours shall develop after artificial agency of the bags.  The european standard EN 766 on bags for transport of food aid shall be followed.
The above three criteria and other specification are conformed by the food grade bags from India under IBO technology.  The quality of Indian food grade bags and cloths is fully insured by IJIRA's strict quality control measures.
Indian Jute Industries Research Association (IJIRA) and Survecllance
General superintendent (SGS) India Ltd. under MOU with IHIRA are jointly







engaged in food grade jute product certification.  Certified Indian food grade jute products carry a logo as a mark of quality.

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